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North Yorkshire

At North Yorkshire Lodges there's plenty of walks right on our doorstep, from our very own woodland walk on the park, to longer more challenging walks only a short distance away and at night we are in one of the best locations in the UK for stargazing.

Night Sky in North Yorkshire
Observatory at Dalby forest
Night Sky with lots of Stars and trees in the foreground in North Yorkshire


At North Yorkshire Lodges we are in one of the best places in the country to view the night sky, we are in a protected light pollution area if you are someone who just likes to look up at the night sky, or a keen astronomer, our lodges are the ideal place, so why not relax in our hot tub and take it all in.

From populated areas such as a town or city you’ll be lucky to see more than a few dozen stars but the further away you get from towns and cities, the more stars you’ll see, from less polluted areas such as our location you can see up to 2,000.

Three places near North Yorkshire Lodges have been named as as special locations to view the night sky, these are at Sutton Bank, Danby, and Dalby Observatories in Dalby Forest. They have been named as Dark Sky Discovery Sites which means these are great places to view the Milky Way galaxy.

Dark Skies Festival (15th February – 3rd March 2019) is a stargazing event held each year with lots of activities within the area, you can check out their website here

There are also events at the Yorkshire Arboretum and in the Howadian Hills AONB hold  number of stargazing events and bat walks throughtout the year.


We have some of the best places in the UK to view the night sky, with low light pollution levels, you will be amazed at how many stars you can see and the Milky Way is clearly visable with the naked eye.

Woodland Walk

Our lodge is set in front of a Woodland area which covers the entire backdrop of the park. The trail starts at the side of our Kingfisher Lodge, through to an open seated area where you can sit and take in the wildlife, and the beauty of a protected Woodland area. Carry on through a dense canopied area, to then emerge at the far side of the park, a real gem, a perfect walk for your 4 legged friends.

Aerial view of North Yorkshire Lodges showing the location of the woodland walk

Woodland Activity Trail

The kids will love our  Woodland Trail, where they can learn about the plants and wildlife and how to protect this habitat.

Woodland trail at North Yorkshire Lodges
Woodland trail at North Yorkshire Lodges
Butterfy on the Woodland Trail

Walking in the area

If you are looking for a longer, more challenging walk then our Woodland Trail our cabins are set close to hundreds of miles of walking, the Howardian Hills offer some challenging hill climbing and descents, along with fantastic walks along streams and rivers in the unspoilt setting of North Yorkshire. Our cabins are all pet friendly for an additional charge if you wanted to bring your 4 legged companions with you for long walks in the countryside.

Rock Formation at Bridgestones in Dalby Forest
Bridestones walk in Dalby Forest
Bridestones walk in Dalby Forest

Local Walking Routes

There are some fantastic cycle route in the local area close to North Yorkshire Lodges, suitable for all abilities here are a few below:


Map of a walks route in North Yorkshire showing the start and finish
19.2km | 4h 17min | Moderate
An interesting walk through the Howardian Hills. Use the Coastliner bus to reach the start and/or finish.
Map of a walks route in North Yorkshire showing the start and finish
31.1km | 7h 1min | Energetic
A long route with a couple of obscure footpaths to follow. Hills but compensated by some very good views. | Settrington Langton Loop | Malton – Nawton – Settrington – Langton loop
Map of a walks route in North Yorkshire
16.8km | 3h 47min | Moderate
Starting at Malton out to the west to Appleton, then south over the Hawardian Hills to Cranbeck. A quiet walk with very little road walking. Great for the Coastliner. Can be done either way.

We are lucky to be located in such a beautiful part of the country with so much outdoor activities right on our doorstep.

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